Elevate your Home Ambiance with COLOLIGHT WiFi Smart LED Light Kit 1

Everyone out there looks for different ways to style their homes and elevate their interior design to better fit their personality, their taste and even the ambiance they want to hold for themselves first and for the guests second. 

Even though it might be challenging to keep your houses’ interior design modern, classy and cozy at the same time, there are different ideas you can follow and refer to when building up your interior design.  One step might be adding COLOLIGHT WiFi Smart LED Light Kit 1; these colorful lights have been a craze for a while now, growing in popularity among people of all ages. 

Today’s latest trend is the COLOLIGHT WiFi Smart LED Light Kit 1 which consists of 10 hexagon blocks that can be placed together to form different designs and shapes to elevate your interior design’s look and feel making your living room or bedroom cozier, modern and stylish using these colorful effects to make your ambiance better. 

  • COLOLIGHT WiFi Smart LED Light Kit 1  Specs: -

  • As previously mentioned these colorful lights are a perfect addition to shift your interior atmosphere from boring to full of life. If you are wondering what are the specs and advantages of these COLOLIGHT WiFi Smart LED Light Kit 1, here are the important specs you need to know: -

    • These lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant since they have Voice 
    • There are millions of colors you can choose from in order to build your 3 colored customized dynamic 
    • Dynamic Effects and Activated Color changes with the beat of the chosen music
    • Explores through APP dimmable function auto ON OFF memory function system by default
    • Touch sensor on the back to change light color system 
    • Intelligent Scene Linkage Auto lighting up
    • Reinforced base in order to stand firm on surfaces 
    • Hexagon design 19 LEDs of each light block 
    • Split and Joint Straight and precise edge for seamless connection
    • Low power consumption and energy saving
    • No hub or bridge required Directly Controlled through App on Smartphone
    • CE RoHs FCC Certificate


  • Where and how to elevate your interior design using COLOLIGHT WiFi Smart LED Light Kit 1:-

  • The first thing you need to do is determine where you want to place these colorful lights; whether in your bedroom, living room, dining room or any other room in your house, you need to figure out where you want to place it and then determine the 3 colors that best suit your furniture and interior:-

    1. Living room: if you seek to place these lights in your living room, then you need to first find a corner in the room that is empty not only from furniture but also from wall decor. Then place each block next to one another in order to form the design of your choice; it can be either horizontal or vertical, depending on your taste 
    2. Bedroom: this can be an amazing addition to your bedroom indeed, you can either place the blocks vertically above your bed, this way the lights will give a beautiful and cozy ambiance to the bedroom. Another way may be above your desk vertically or next to your mirror horizontally. 

    The reason why these lights are practical and easy to install on any wall is that they can be magnetically fixed. You can attach the MIX to a magnetic wall part, or use 3M tape to paste it.

    III.  How to use COLOLIGHT WiFi Smart LED Light Kit 1 with your phone:

    In order to make it more convenient for your use, you can link the cololight to your phone, this way it will be easier for you to turn it on, off and even make the colors change according to the beat of the chosen music. 

    In order to use it with your phone you should follow the below instructions:-

    1. Download the app Cololight from the App store or Google Play
    2. Sign up on the app after downloading it. 
    3. Make sure you are connected to the Wifi and your Bluetooth is enabled
    4. On the top left you will see the Menu lines, press it and select add device
    5. After linking the device, press and hold the touch Sensor until the unit turns blue. 
    6. Select the Cololight unit
    7. Add your Wifi network and password
    8. Cololight will be linked to your network and your phone
    9. Press next to go to the next stage of the process. 
    10. Come up with a name for your light and add it .

    There you have it, your lights are set up and ready to be used and lighten up your room. 

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