Your Drinks are Better in Tumbler Cups

How many times a day do you crave a cup of coffee or any other hot drink? At least twice a day you would love to enjoy a good cup of coffee, but have you ever thought of all the damages you are causing to yourself and to the environment when purchasing a cup, plastics or disposable cups, from a coffee shop? 

Drinking coffee or any other beverage in disposable cups or plastic ones have proven to be damaging to your health on the long run and even the environment with all these disposable cups on a daily basis, it will not be applicable to dispose of all of these cups at once. So how can you limit the risk on yourself and on the environment? Easy by simply changing the products you use for drinks. 

There are different types, sizes and designs of portable and reusable cups and mugs you can rely on and invest in in order to limit the risk of expanding damages on the environment and yourself. 

One type of cup that has been escalating in popularity is the Tumbler Cup; even though a lot of people confuse tumbler cups with the regular traveling mugs though there are a lot of differences among the two. 

  • What are Tumbler Cups:-

  • Tumbler cups are mostly used for different cold drinks like iced coffee, iced tea, smoothies, cocktails…etc. 

    There are different types made from different materials like glass, plastic and steel, and they come in different sizes and colors to match everyone’s desire. 

    Tumbler cups are found almost in every house, but their use differs from one house to the other. Some people use one tumbler cup for literally everything, and this is wrong. People should divide the use of the tumbler cup depending on the material they are made of for example, the tumbler cup that is made of double-walled stainless steel tumbler should be used for both hot and cold beverages. Whereas the Tumblers that have a wide opening and a narrower base are perfect for iced drinks since you can easily add ice to them. Lastly, the tumblers that come with a lid and a straw are the perfect addition to anyone traveling or going on a roadtrip or simply in a rush and needs some coffee on the go. 

  • When & How to Use Tumbler Cups:- 

  • Tumbler cups are not just reusable cups, these cups are more than just being sustainable and disposable, they also match your style, they can be very trendy and stylish for any occasion, event or a simple outing with some friends.


    Tumbler cups are a great investment especially now that summer is around the corner and who doesn't like a sweet cold drink in the middle of the hot wave?  You can easily put it in your purse, or your bag and enjoy a lovely picnic, road trip, beach day…etc. All you have to do is fill an insulated tumbler cup with ice and your choice of cold drinks like iced tea, iced coffee, smoothie or cocktail and you are ready to go out and enjoy a hot summer day. 

    On the other hand, tumbler cups can also be a great personalized gift for a friend. A colleague and in many cases a perfect corporate gift for different occasions like, end of year, labor day, fathers day…etc. 

    Last but not least, you can find different tumbler cups, with different colors and sizes on our website 

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