Homemade Smoothie with a Portable Blender

Are you a smoothie lover, but on a tight schedule? Do you love to make homemade cocktails but don’t have the time to prepare them before your work? Do you aspire to start healthy habits that include breakfast smoothies and cocktail snacks? All you need is an investment in purchasing portable blenders

With a full time job, chores, working out and maintaining a healthy social life, it can get harder to make things you love and this is why you tend to resort to fast food and ready to eat meals. However, the perfect path you need to take in order to limit the risk of fast food intake is to add healthy smoothies, shakes and cocktails to your diet. So with your portable blender this will be even easier and faster; all you need to do is have the ingredients ready and you can make your smoothie/cocktail anywhere anytime. 

  • Why Do you need a Portable Blender:-

  • Even though blenders have been essential kitchen appliances over the past decades; yet portable blenders have proven to be faster, affordable, more efficient and more convenient.  Here are few reasons why you should purchase a portable blender and make your life a lot easier:-

  • Small and Convenient:-
  • Due to their small size, they can fit almost anywhere and occupy very little space from the kitchen, backpack or even a purse.

  • Very flexible:-
  • A portable blender can be widely used; either for pureeing soups or for quick shake, whipping up a quick salad dressing. You can make yourself some delicious and healthy juices and shakes with a portable blender. They save a lot of time and keep fruits and vegetables nutritional value for you.

  • Easy Cocktails:-
  • Regardless of where you are, you can easily blend down your fruits and vegetables and make your own delicious smoothie/cocktail that satisfies your cravings and hunger. 

  • Two in one Bottle & Blender:-
  • Since you can have it anywhere you go and make your own smoothie/cocktail, you won’t need an additional cup or bottle, this portable blender is a 2 in one - blender and bottle at 



    1. BlendJet - A Portable Blender mostly used by Athletes:- 

    Blend Jet is a portable blender known as the blender that helps you live your life without any restrictions. This portable blender is rechargeable via USB so now wires or cords are needed which makes it even more convenient than the rest of portable blenders:-

    Due to its convenience athletes tend to use it more than non athletes since they need more energy so the need for a nutritious shake or smoothie to gear up their performance on the go is needed in addition to soothing their muscle soreness.  

    Introducing the top reasons why BlendJet is the Portable Blender for Athletes:-

  •  Make an energizing shake anywhere:-

  • BlendJet is a game-changing portable blender for all athletes since it helps them make a shake on the go to keep them full of energy. 

  • Fits perfectly in their gym bag:-
  • The most important thing about BlendJet portable blender is that it has a lock setting so if you already made your smoothie/shake and haven’t finished it yet, you can throw it in your purse or gym bag without having to worry about any leak. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely lightweight.

  • Clean BlendJet with convenience:-
  • To clean your BlendJet on the go, all that’s required is a quick soap-and-water rinse and the push of the power button. One spin and you’re sparkling. This makes toting it around town that much more convenient.

  • It’s quiet, so you won’t disrupt your teammates:-

  • BlendJet portable blender unlike other blenders is convenient anywhere anytime especially with the fact that it doesn’t make any noise that traditional blenders do so go ahead and blend or mix your favorite ingredients without having to worry about other people around you getting annoyed. 

    III. Healthy Smoothie Recipe Using BlendJet Portable Blender :-

    In order to help you to get on track with your healthy habits, here is a quick recipe you should try using BlendJet Portable blender. First thing you need to gather all of the following ingredients:-

    1. 1 cup of water.
    2. 1/2 cup of yogurt.
    3. 1 cup of blueberries .
    4. 1 banana.
    5. 2 teaspoon of Chia Seeds .
    6. 1 Tablespoon of Vanilla extract .

    Add first all the food ingredients, and then add Chia Seeds, Vanilla extract and safer adding yogurt add water slowly and then press the on button blend all the ingredients and there you go, a delicious Blueberry Banana Shake in less than 5 min for you to enjoy at anytime anywhere.

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